Re-Engineering Legacy Systems to Next Generation Architecture

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Modernizing legacy systems with years of accumulated data to intelligent systems, automated processes and digitizing an enterprise to respond to future needs.


Non-disruptively, gain complete knowledge of IT infrastructure, and transitioning from monolithic legacy landscapes to an agile, cost effective environment.

OaTaik offerings

We combine the new and good old healthcare applications together for better tomorrow. The future needs new technologies like cloud computing, mobile devices and big data to modernize back-end legacy systems.
Oataik along with cloud techniques, micro-services, containers and decoupling technique buids new applications which are similar in performance, but offer enhanced user experience. Get new business functionalities with complete scalability and innovation of the cloud tailored for your customers.
Analyze the risks at the early stage using the iterative approach and tools. Use innovations to monitor transactions and get meaningful insights using the legacy systems.
Accelerate the process of developing new experiences and functionalities through microservices and APIs. Create APIs as microservices that you can use to create other microservices. Then, build a caching framework for frequently consumed services.
Cut off your costs everywhere from reducing the capital spending to operating costs and freeing your staff for strategic and revenue generation.
Get smooth transition with excellent automation and migration tools. Stay on track with a robust cloud transformation management plan.


OaTaik expertise in blending the traditional and Next Generation engineering services to drive transformation. Transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of nextGen technologies. Our full stack knowledge combines with the world-class domain and engineering expertise. We respond to customers in real-time and create a technological environment that is competitive in the industry while keeping the costs low.

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