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by Oataik

RESULTS, Guaranteed!

Oataik offering can be tailored to your unique needs. Please tell us about your vision and goals, and we will built an appropriate service offering. Our Oataik consultant will work with you for building a customized pricing.


Satistifed clients with many applications delivered to different platforms.


Successful completion of projects with various application solutions.


100% satisfied client applications launched on Android and iPhone.


Awards collected for the applications created or their security level.


Years to deliver solutions for domestic and abroad clients in the Healthcare IT market.


Work with team of experts to generate ROI.

Oataik Pricing
Packages & Offers

Pay per hour
  • For medium and long-term projects ranging between 5 months to 1 year
  • Flexible budget spread across the release
  • Weekly status reporting
  • Account Manager, Sr. Business Analyst, Technical architect for entire duration of project
  • Follows defined Agile methodology
Dedicated Team
  • For long-term projects ranging above 1 year
  • Project scope and requirements change frequently
  • Weekly status calls and reporting to Management
  • Project follows defined Agile methodology
  • Dedicated Account manager, Sr. Business Analyst, Technical Architect and development team
  • For small and medium-scale projects ranging 1-5 months
  • Delivery timelines and cost are pre-defined
  • All requirements are specified and frozen
  • Sr. Business Analyst and Technical Architect to derive requirements at the beginning

What You Get?

We strive to provide a custom-tailored communication model for every client. Based on your preferences, we’ll come up with the optimal set of tools and best practices for communication. Manage your remote team as if it’s in-house.
No hidden fees or rigid SLAs. Agree beforehand for development team members cost. Oataik's team is a team to try professionals.
No day-to-day admin work. We handle all the operational duties including contract work, payroll operations, team setup, employees’ retention, travel management, and logistics. You can hire a software development team and forget about everyday troubles.
We help with remote team onboarding to ensure a smooth transition and complete integration with your in-house team. As well, we’ll make sure your new team remains motivated and loyal and has personal development and growth opportunities.
We value long-term cooperation and leverage the developer's skills to increase efficiency and improve wider business context. Our team works full-time on your projects.
Find your niche expertise from our talented pool of developers that has diverse skill sets. Our team has experience in various local markets and industries; so you know we are always a good investment.

How it works

Requirements definition

We collect project requirements from you and understand about your business needs. We advice on technology strategy, related cost and suggest exact development team requirements.

Interviewing Process

We begin the recruitment process and interview candidates that fit your project needs and expertise scope. We also have inhoue pool of qualified selected developers who can join the team on immediate basis.

Project Start

After all the details are ironed out and teams are aligned, you schedule a kick-off meeting to explain your vision, clarify the final details, and begin working.

Ongoing Support

We proactively support your team and ensure they deliver their best. High productivity, efficiency, and motivation guaranteed.

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